Writers’ Block, Seven Year Switch And The Cure For Writers’ Block

by Yvonne Chase on January 25, 2017

I Have Writers’ Block
Hello, my name is Yvonne Chase and I have writers’ block. Has it ever happened to you? Can you relate to any of this? You want to update your blog at least three times per week but don’t know what to write. You come up with a post; I did, but then you don’t publish it because you feel like you’ve written about that topic already. You scroll the web for inspiration as you always do yet you come up with nothing. Am I alone in this? This has been my plight and is the reason I haven’t updated this space in 10 days.

Completely Ridiculous
I wrote about the TV show Seven Year Switch but I didn’t publish it because I wrote about it last season. Nothing has changed with the show. I still find it dangerous and completely ridiculous for a married couple to send their spouse off to someone else’s spouse to fix the problems in their marriage. Who does that? Four couples have signed up to do it in season 2 of this crazy show.  

Unmet Expectations
My love and I watched it this weekend On Demand.  He is not a fan of reality TV at all however, he decided to tune in.  While we both agree we would never do something like that if we were married, we both saw the opportunity to learn from other people’s mistakes. We both immediately noticed the breakdown in communication that if remedied would cancel out the need for a switch. This made us grateful for the depth of communication we have in our relationship. We literally talk about any and everything no matter how difficult.  

Check The Marriage Certificate
The notion that you married the wrong person didn’t resonate with us at all.  It’s the basis of the show. Each marriage has taken a turn for the worst and now the couples are trying to answer the question, “Did I marry the wrong person?” They want to see if the grass is greener on the other side. A pastor said, “If you think you married the wrong person, check the marriage certificate.  If the names match, you married the right person.” Instead of signing up to switch spouses, their time would be better served in some sort of couples group counseling where they can share their issues and learn from the other couples present.  As dangerous as I find it, I’ll be tuning in tonight. Have you watched?

A Big Joke
On another note, a reader wanted an update on my Christmas gift debacle.  You can read all about it here. Thanks for asking.  We recovered from it nicely.  It was definitely a learning experience for both of us. His approach to buying gifts is totally different than mine and most men I know.  He’s not most men.  Now that I know his approach, I get it and it’s actually very sweet.  

A Walking Billboard
Lastly, some of you may feel I write about my relationship too much. Actually, I’m very mindful of how often I share and what I share.  The only reason I share any part of it is to inspire you.  Many of you have been on this journey with me from day one.  You know I’ve been a walking billboard for this blog.  I’ve literally practiced everything I preach.  

Bitter Betty
I’ve gotten to know a few of you in a very real way offline. We’ve exchanged emails, texts, and phone calls. You’ve shared your unquenching desire to have romantic love in your life. I called a reader one day to catch up and share a nugget of my story with her because I know her journey all too well. Before I could share one word she said, “Yea, yea, yea, I know you’re in love and all that good stuff. What else is going on?” She didn’t want to hear anything about my relationship. That’s a bad spirit. The Bible says to rejoice with those who rejoice. Being a Bitter Betty can block our blessings.

A Great Love
I’m grateful to those of you who have sent private emails to celebrate my happiness and let me know how inspired you are and hopeful that you too will meet an amazing guy one day. To hear you say, “Your story gives me hope” warms my heart.  Thank you.  I was single for a long time before we met yet God knew what he was doing all along.  My love came into my life at the perfect time.  Always remember this, it’s never too late to attract a great love and God’s timing is always perfect.

The Cure For Writers’ Block
Well, so much for writers’ block. I was able to churn out an 800+-word post.  I guess the cure for writer’s block is writing.  Who knew? Writers’ block be gone! 

Something to think about…

What say you? How do you deal with writer’s block? Where do you find inspiration? Have you ever watched Seven Year Switch? How far would you go to save your marriage? 

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Karen Del Tatto January 25, 2017

I think this is the first time I’ve visited your blog and I found it refreshing.

Your tone is conversational. I felt like I was sitting across from a friend.

Thanks for sharing!


Yvonne Chase January 25, 2017


Very sweet. Thanks so much for stopping by and thanks for acknowledging the tone of my blog. Lord knows I give a lot of thought to how I come across…
Yvonne Chase recently posted…New City, Same Mary Jane – Season 4, Episode 1 RecapMy Profile


James Graham February 5, 2017

Yeah, I feel you. That’s why I don’t post on my blog as often as I’d like.
James Graham recently posted…Binary Options Pro SignalsMy Profile


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